About us – Ambra Nera Imports

About us

Ambra Nera Imports is an Italian, Australian family business.

Our business aims to share only the finest range of our products sourced and made in Sicily, Italy. Sharing our love for Sicily an iconic landmark rich in agriculture and tradition, with the world.

Our luxurious range of unique homeware and scents are made using only natural ingredients inspired by the wonderful colours, and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region, Sicily.

The base of our scent products contains only natural ingredients, containing olive oil, vegetable glycerine and organic colours. Using aromas of plants, which are local to the region of Sicily. None of our products use parabens or are tested on animals.

We strive to source products, which are manufactured from other small family businesses. While aiming to showcase only the best of Mediterranean homeware and scents, and providing high quality customer service.

 Ciao from the Ambra Nera Imports team ! xxx